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All advertisement in the “Free Stuff” page MUST have some portion specific to “100% free of purchase”. B.O.G.O is not allowed, neither are percentage discounts. All listings are reviewed before publication. This ensures site integrity. Listings, not conforming, are NOT to be published.

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Advertising Q & A

What can I advertise?

In addition to the prior information, our platform allows for many practical offers, by a grand variety of merchants, causes, and events.We encourage you to use your imagination, however be aware that our audience is comprised of families, desirous of good healthy, vibrant experiences, and unifying events, that stays with them throughout the years. We are vigilant in this regard. We invite wholesome entertainment!

What is Geo-Adjacency?

This means that we focus your published advertisement, in the chosen, specified area, of your location or business. Primarily those who travel into this specified zone, are alerted of your offer.

What is Randomized Placement?

This means that our system does not favor merchants with names beginning with the letter “A”, while disregarding those which begins with “Z”. Rather, automatically we randomly place your advertisement on different pages of our offers. Changes in its location happen distinctively. Giving all the equitable means to be noticed.

What is Multiple Accessibility?

If you have more than one location, we can vary your ad for each location. The demographics in Albuquerque, New Mexico, will differ from Grand Rapids, Michigan

What is not allowed to be listed?

* B.O.G.O (Buy 1 Get 1) is not allowed. 10% off, Buy 9 get the 10th free! Not here! We do not obligate the recipient of our “free of purchase”offers to expend financially.
* Percentage discounts are not allowed. No 10% off your second purchase, etc
* Listings regarding race, gender, sex, religion, political interests, sexual nature, or any social, or political agenda, are removed immediately from our “Free Stuff” listings page. All rights reserved!

What is our refund policy?
  • You can enjoy a refund if you request one before, your ad has been published..
  • “Un-ring the bell”. This means that once an ad has been published without importance to the length of time your ad has been live, you will still be charged for the entirety of the active month. One day would charge the same, as day twenty nine.
  • You will be refunded any amount minus fees imposed on us by third party payment gateways, for receiving your payment, and for returning your payment..
  • By continuing to use our site services, you are confirming that you understand, and agree to this policy.
Where can I find more information?

You can view our terms and conditions by visiting our policy for Terms & Conditions, using the footer link below. It is assumed you have done so by clicking “Purchase” on one of the packaging tiers .Further use of our services is confirmation that you have read and understand as well as agree with all policies associated with our site.