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Bush-Shrike Adventures

Uganda, East Africa

Are you an admirer of the grand beauty that is here waiting for you? This offer is designed to attract you. A 14 day comprehensive tour, including Gorilla trekking, and more! Start your planning for travel right now! FREE? For one person that qualifies. How is that possible? You must be a verifiable, active medical surgeon, with your doctoral residency, at any metropolitan hospital, located in London, England. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Newark New Jersey, USA. You must book your trip through this website by February 28, 2024. Travel to and from Uganda is not included. Additional tour packages can be obtained through Helping Hands Support Centre, Kabale Uganda, in association with Bush-Shrike Tours, Uganda.
For further details email us at info@itsfree2you.com or call

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