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We are the source to appeal to its generosity. We are sure of its willingness to offer the solution you are seeking. Join us in entreating this vast audience, to recognize what is of vital importance to you. Thank you, world!


Notice; To register your fund on our site, your cause must be legitimate. We openly deny access for public assistance to false, fraudulent, deceptive, or unstable, requests for funds, in a vigilant effort to eliminate unwarranted requests for donations.
Your publishing any requests for funds, is an admission that your requests are in conformity with this policy. You therefore accept every responsibility for truthfulness and authenticity! Itsfree2ou.com acts only as an intermediary to collect and disperse funds appropriately.

What is a 2Fund?

It can be the tool you’ll use to help the under-served, the un-sheltered, even the undernourished. You may include a civic or moral duty. Use it in support of local sports, parental rights, etc. When your cause is legitimate, we’ll tell the world!.

Is it free to set up an account?

No! It is not free! We do charge for these services, in the following manner;

An initial, one time set up fee: $10.U.S.D. or equivalent.

25% of all funds granted to you, are removed from the totals that proceed on to your 2Fund, These costs cover necessities so as to process, manage, convert, and disperse, subsequent funds for your use, in your cause.

A $2.U.S.D monthly recurring maintenance fee, or equivalent in other currencies.

How do I register my account?

First, you need to register as a user on our site. You can click the button below to do that now, if you haven’t already. This user profile, is also your 2Fund account profile, which you can edit and upload your picture as well, for the world to see you.

How do I post my request after registration?

Once you have registered as a user, or even as an affiliate, on our site, you will then have the ability to post a fund request, for the world to view and see! We cannot guarantee anyone will grant your request, but we can guarantee, that your appeal is seen by the world! When your post is approved after moderation, it will be posted, and placed on our site in random rotation. Permitting each 2fund a more equitable chance to be viewed and supported!

If you are already registered, click the button below to get started creating your request.

What things will “Red Flag” my post?

Red Flag means that we’ve noticed something, that will cause us to pause, and consider in more detail your requests. For example our goal is to keep everyone’s privacy secure. We do not allow emails, or phone numbers or, banking information, to be included in your posts. Doing so may leave you vulnerable. If added by mistake, we will find it, and remove it.