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The World In Your Hands


You’ve always wanted to have the world at you fingertips? Now your excuses to not conquer it, has vanished. The valiant are invited to join our ever expanding conquest of the world, using the unbounded power of FREE!
Working together with us, duplicating our proven method of advertising whether in a small setting, locally, or a large area, such as a county, state, or country. It will bring beneficial results, that far exceed typical unions of this kind. We’re bold enough to ask you to compare this offer with any other. You’ll promptly agree!

Questions and Answers

Who can be our Agent?

First, we are uninterested in selling agencies to the under-interested or under-inspired. That leaves only brave, resilient, formidable persons with characteristics that venture into impossible circumstances and finish out with proven results! If that’s you? Welcome!

Does it require specific education?

We are unmoved by levels of education, influence, or privileged associations. We are inspired by those who are driven by the inward desire for long lasting success, regardless of exterior virtues. Accepted are those who excel in these talents. If that’s you?

How much can I earn?

We are unable to say! However we can tell you that you could earn up to 55% (fifty-five percent) of the ad fees that your Agency generates, even residually. Typically there are two tiers that pay either 45% or 55% of that total. The sum therefore may vary from zero to undetermined. Contact us, and we’ll elaborate on the possibilities!

Is it expensive?

Yes, it can be! Maybe not in finances. but surely in costs that are measured by dedication, intense desire, and patience. This is the cost of Agency, or at least, this one!

What is required of an Agent?

Formally represent our mutual interests, by acquiring advertisers, associates, affiliates, and support services. When you have done so, a good share of our success, is enjoyed by you, and those associated participants you’ve caused, to join us!

Are there any available in my area?

There probably is! Search in our directory, or click on the map below, find the location you desire, snapshot it, send it to us in an email. we will verify its availability, and start your process right away.

What are some benefits of being an Agency?

High probabilities of desirable earnings. Low investment of time or money.Wide appeal for clients and customers. Effective help for community and self! It’s a start!

Where can I find more information?

Drop us a line! You can do so by, emailing,, or S.M.S messaging, or simply call 1-559-749-8974
Allow up to 48 hours for a reply!

Agencies Available


DISCLAIMER is an intermediary between its client, and you, our client’s potential customer. We as the intermediary, neither guarantee any offer, warranty any product, confirm any efficacy, viability, duration, or legality. It is incumbent upon you to verify, question, or determine beforehand with the sponsor of the offer, any interest you deem necessary.

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