The Big Payback

Its finally over…Now how will you pay it back? Maybe we can help!

Spring Break to Spring Back

the key

My debt had mounted, affecting virtually all aspects of my life. Partnership with this method of publicity gave me the way pay these loans. Convincing friends, family, acquaintances, to place their advertising here, in this forum grants me, the resources to earn residual incomes, and even direct my earnings to the financial institution, that funded my education! Who does this?

You May Be Wondering!

What would entice me to join?

Our simple manner to included you as an Affiliate of, is what you’ll use to alleviate the downward pressure to cover these debts. How? Encourage friends and others, about where they may go to enjoy good experiences, and events. There’s a little more to it. It’s not hard. But, doing so, will compensate you well, even generously!

How much will I be compensated?

Forty-five (45%) of each advertiser that purchases advertisement on our platform because of you, Using your affiliate number that confirms that you caused the placement, you’ll be rewarded! And, we’ll do so, residually, each time the advertiser pays. *See our FAQ page for details. That could be a long time!

Would you like us to pay your financial institution directly?

You may now direct your earnings to the funder of your higher education costs. If that is your desire, contact us and we’ll facilitate the connection.

What about sponsorship?

When you sponsor another individual to also affiliate with our program, we’ll pay you an additional ten, (10%) of their personal volume. No worries, there are no other downlines, no pyramid. Just a thank you for telling a friend. Oh, and this is also paid residually. *See our FAQ page for details!

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