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General Question

What is this all about? Our public is curious, Some still are unconvinced that you could ever get anything without purchase! Absolutely unheard of, and a high probability of not being true! We’re doing what was once unimaginable!.

What does this mean for me and my family?

You’ll enjoy new events, foods, services, and other enticements. Free of purchase. Well provide them!

Is this an American company, only?

Our offices are based in the U.S.A. however our reach is now global. Our design is to provide similar services throughout the free market world. Including many varied languages, cultures and peoples. Isn’t this great!

Do I have to do something specific to receive an offer?

Yes! Our merchants are desirous of appealing to a specific demographic, They want you to know their product, or service. They want you to be their customer. Will you be their next lifelong customer? Let’s see! Simply qualify and enjoy!

Why a refund policy if it’s free?

Not every everything that is presented on our platform is free of purchase. If it says “free of purchase, then it’s free. Our services are offered for profit, to primarily merchants, fundraising, and noted services. Find out how they apply and choose what is in your best interest. Below is our Refund Policy for applicable services;

1) The purpose of this policy is to assure that your satisfaction is our top priority

2) Funds that are in our possession, prior to transfer to any client of itsfree2you.com, any employed service used by itsfree2you.com, or any responsible government entity, that has attached to any funds once held by you, before distributing those funds, to an affiliated company, or service, or governmental entity, are subject to a full refund.

3) Our customers have 30 days from the time of receipt of any funds, to request a refund!

4) Customers can request a refund by sending an email to refundrequest@itsfree2you.com

5) Customers may expect to receive a refund, by our reversing the funds, to the method of payment originally used, or other agreed upon legal means.

6) Partial refunds, are issued under these circumstances. Anytime a charge(s) or fee(s) is assessed prior to any refund by a payment gateway company, a taxing agency, or other legal entity, local, national, or international government, will be reduced by that fee(s), or charge(s) of the agency causing the charge(s). That fee(s) or charge(s) will be forwarded to the charging agency and will be explained in the partial refund notification.

7) Refunds are not granted, when any advertising option has been published, known as the “Unring the bell” clause. Meaning that any offer, or advertising promotion, that is published, has now been released, viewed, and shown to our audience. Therefore our agreed upon service has been performed, and there is no refund, whether it had been published for one day, or thirty days into any campaign.

8) Customers may reach out for assistance, by sending an email, stating a request for refund, to refundrequest@itsfree2you.com

9) We periodically review and update our refund policy, without prior notification. We advise you to visit and review our policy frequently.

10) It is our desire to provide you with a pleasant experience. Your comments are appreciated.

Where can I find more information?

Of course read our disclaimer. Satisfy for yourselves, the desirability of the offer. It is your responsibility to verify any offer directly, with the merchant prior to accepting any offer. Contact us @ info@itsfree2you.com

Payment Question

Advocating for itsfree2you.com is a great choice, it’s your way of contributing to our expansion, as well as assuring yourselves of reward for doing so. Either as an Affiliate, Agent or Agency
Join where you fit in!!

What happens when I join as an affiliate?

You avail yourself of the ability to participate in our rewards program. For having caused the connection between an advertiser and our service to provide advertisement, we will pay you generously, a 45% commission of the agreed upon remitted ad fee. Who does that? We do!

What happens if I sponsor an affiliate?

For having sponsored an affiliate to also promote our services, when attached to your affiliate number, we will pay you a commission of 10% of that person’s personal volume. There are no other downlines. But you can sponsor as many affiliates as you’d like. Who does that? We do.

Can a Corporation be an affiliate?

Yes, it can. It can serve in the same capacity as an individual affiliate. Considerate of the same rewards. Responsive to its sub-affiliates in a similar manner!

Can you explain how a Corporation can be an affiliate?

Updated Sponsorship Program 11-01-2023

Objective: The objective of our sponsorship program is to establish a partnership between itsfree2you.com and corporations, granting them the privilege to serve as intermediaries between themselves and their employees. Through this program, corporations can inform and encourage their employees to become affiliates of itsfree2you.com, allowing them to opt into the program and increase their incomes. The program also includes a compensation plan that rewards both the first-line corporation and the employees of those corporations.

Program Overview:

Partnership Setup:
Establish a formal partnership agreement between itsfree2you.com and interested corporations.
Define the terms and conditions of the sponsorship program, including benefits for both the corporation and its employees.

Compensation Plan:
The first-line corporation will receive a 45% commission on the total corporate production generated through their affiliation with itsfree2you.com.
Corporations will be compensated an additional 10% of the personal volume of their sponsored affiliate, subject to our policy.
Employees of the first-line corporation who choose to opt into the sponsorship program will be eligible for a 45% commission on their personal sales generated through their affiliate links or codes.

Employee Awareness and Engagement:
The corporations will inform its employees about the sponsorship program, the compensation plan, and its benefits.
Conduct training sessions or workshops to educate employees about itsfree2you.com, the affiliate program, and the potential for increased income.
Provide promotional material, such as brochures, emails, or internal newsletters, to create awareness and encourage participation.

Employee Opt-In and Program Enrollment:
Employees interested in becoming affiliates of itsfree2you.com will have the opportunity to opt into the program through an employee-specific registration process.
Employees will be guided through the registration process, including providing necessary personal information and agreeing to the terms and conditions.
Upon successful enrollment, employees will gain access to their affiliate accounts and receive personalized tracking links or codes.

Tracking and Commission Structure:
Implement a robust tracking system to accurately monitor the sales or leads generated by each employee-affiliate.
Calculate commissions for the first-line corporation based on the total corporate production, applying the agreed-upon 45% commission rate.
Regularly track and calculate the earnings of each employee-affiliate, applying the agreed-upon 10% commission rate on their personal sales.
Provide transparent reporting to both the first-line corporation and employees, detailing their commissions and earnings.

Performance Incentives and Rewards:
Encourage employee-affiliates to actively promote itsfree2you.com through performance incentives and rewards.
Offer additional bonuses, commissions, or rewards for achieving specific sales or conversion targets.
Recognize and publicly acknowledge the top-performing employee-affiliates to motivate others and foster healthy competition.

Ongoing Communication and Support:
Maintain regular communication channels with the sponsoring corporation to address any questions or concerns.
Provide ongoing support and training resources for employee-affiliates to enhance their marketing skills and maximize their earning potentials.
Conduct periodic reviews and evaluations to assess the effectiveness and success of the sponsorship program.

By implementing this sponsorship program, corporations can serve their employees by providing them with an additional source of income through their affiliation with itsfree2you.com. The program’s compensation plan rewards both the first-line corporation and the employees, ensuring fair and transparent commission structures based on corporate production and personal sales.

Please note that the details mentioned in this proposal can be customized and adapted to suit the specific requirements and preferences of the participating corporations and itsfree2you.com.

What do you mean you’ll pay both categories residually?

As long as your customer pays for services, we pay you! And, as long as your sponsored affiliate’s customer pays for services, we pay you. That’s both categories. Who does that? We do!
*Make sure to read our FAQ page for details.

Terms that help!

This could be your own special Gig,

Can I assign the commissions due me, from my customers, to a third party or institution?

The simple answer is YES. This may be a way for you to refund any who financed your college education! We can direct the payments to the individual or institution, in any of our stages of college life, before, during, or after college.

What does it mean “residually”?

We will pay the same original commission for as long as the advertiser continues to pay uninterruptedly. Example; Should a business cancels for any reason its service with us, payment stops, for you and for us. Should that same business restart under another affiliate, at anytime later, then the advertiser becomes the customer of the new affiliate!

Where can I find more information?

Need further information to clarify your thoughts? Read our *FAQ page for more details. Please call or write! 1+559.749.8974 info@itsfree2you.com