Civic Social Help

Our Responsibility, Your Responsibility
Really? Yes really! This is your call and ours. Here we answer, here you answer.

On Our Knees, or On Our Feet.

On Our Knees?

Use this distinct service, to further the growth of a society bereft of internal direction. Direction that is needed in the good formation of a contented people. We owe it to our neighbors, to our authority, to our children, to ourselves! Affiliate, then tell us what to do with the proceeds!

On Our Feet?

Honored to wear the uniform of inclusion, this gives purpose to the participants. Being a part of the team gives pride to sponsors, parents, even the groundskeepers. Become an affiliate, then tell us what to do with the proceeds.

Not, On Our Own!

An association of many countries, languages, customs, and colors, designed to buttress the empirical needs of our society. ‘That’s our social civic duty. Everyone, everywhere! Happy to have your attention! Your support! It starts with affiliation, join us now!

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