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Action Against Human Trafficking.Help me by donating towards this worthy course and stop human trafficking globally. It is estimated that human traffickers make up to 150 billion dollars a year , let’s put a stop to this disgusting trade. It is estimated that 40.3 million people are trafficked each year and this number is growing. This disgusting trade ruins peoples lives and tears families apart and it is also estimated that the people that are human trafficked end up with diseases and even death. Please help me and donate and say no to human trafficking. Thank you.



Katherine Mason
Author: Katherine Mason

Hello, I am Katherine Mason. I am the agent of England. I am founder and managing director of Roses Are Rainbow and Paranormal Investigators Society. I am currently building new businesses up including Madam Horror which I am the founder and managing director of. I'm in charge of Communications with I have my own horoscope page in which I am a horoscope reader. I have a degree in history, drama and criminology. Currently studying an Open University course in science for a master's degree and looking to do an American high school diploma. I also work with other companies. Currently also working as a meditation teacher and a secretary for a virologist this is part time. I also help my husband run his companies along with the companies that I am building. More to come in the future.

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