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An appeal to our ever increasing audience attracted by the power of free. Are these your next life long customer?

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Engage this power to lessen the burden to fund the costs of all three stages of higher education: before, during, and after.

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Finally, open-handed support for our fellowman, Using this platform to serve the world’s merchants, to the under served, and unsheltered.

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What “Free” Accomplished

Impossible! “Free of purchase” redeemables? It was… until now! We accepted the challenge! We won, you won! Who would have thought that “FREE” could spawn so many ideas, from:

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Watch as the world’s most valiant merchants entice you with attractive offers that captures your attention. Merging free to every industry, travel, events, fundraiser, fun, food, accommodations, social service, and more….

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Fact: The staggering burden borne by millions of young persons now surpass, 1.76 trillion USD, in America alone. Someone has got to help!
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Fact: Your business was started because you want it, not just known, but well known. What larger audience can you get than an international one? Connecting the two is the challenge to our new AGENCY, is that you? Join Us!

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Fact: From here you are invited to appeal to a vast, quickly expanding audience. Convince the masses of the legitimacy and worthiness of their participation and they will fund your cause. Self, neighbor, civic, local, and even earthwide. Join Us!

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100 percent real testimonies!

Edward Kissmar
    Edward Kissmar

    Tourism & Trade

    “We have been waiting for a program like this for the good of our fellowman! How can this be done, we’re not sure, but happy that it does!”

    Sandy Wang
      Sandy Wang

      L.A. Chinese Newspaper

      “When I was approached by the owner of this opportunity I was amazed of how I thought immediately of ALIBABA. This is the next big thing, it’s unreal”


        Market Owner

        ” I took advantage of an offer for free computer repair and I got such good service that they are now techs for my 4 stores and warehouse!”

        Global News

        New countries are joining faster than ever. Will yours be next? Will YOU be the one to put yours on the map?


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